• Jo Ann S. Nesbitt

30 Days to Home Ownership! Ready to Go?

Seriously, if you don’t commit to getting on the road in 30 days it may take 30 years…..

Home Ownership for most of us is a long journey. But like getting ready to get on the road for long trip, we have to prepare in advance for the ride. So, we do a few things. We make sure our transportation is in good condition and plan a course for the best route, particularly if we are driving, or we look for the best flight plan if we are flying or the best train or bus ticket. We make sure we have communication such as a cell phone and a charger. We pack a first aid kit; make sure our AAA or other roadside service is in place. We check on hotels and other lodging options with family and friends. We check the route for food and gas stops. Well you know this list could go on and on depending on how well and thorough you plan or even how fanatical you get about planning. Some of us are “planning fanatics”! At any rate, planning is part of the journey.

Just like a road trip, home ownership takes planning. Lots of it! The first step to getting on that road is COMMITMENT. Yes, there it is in big red letters! If you don’t commit to planning for your first home you are putting yourself at risk for taking the slow road through a lot of traffic! What does that traffic look like? Credit issues, not enough money, rising prices of real estate, lack of knowledge, discouragement. That list could go on and on too. If you are serious about buying your first home you will plan well and do it right away. Remember, for most of us it’s going to be a long journey. And even for a long journey, some of us will get there faster than others. But, that’s okay, if we commit and stay on the road, we will get home! But seriously, if you don’t commit to getting on the road in the next 30 days it just might take 30 years!

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